Acrobat Reader


Acrobat Reader: Funes the Memorious

These works are inspired by ‘Funes the Memorious’, Jorge Luis Borges. Each book uses a different visual language (type, images and symbols) to present what is the infinite recollection.


Dictionary: (20cm×25cm×1.5cm)

The dictionary is according Funes’ counting systems. Funes claims to have invented a system of enumeration which gives every numeral its own arbitrary name. 


Grape: (21.5cm×26.5cm×1.5cm)

A super ability of memory is meaning he can remember all the details of anything. In this story writer gives an example about wine. Funes can saw all the details about this wine.


Time: (30.8cm×22cm×0.5cm)

Because it did not take time into account: given that physical objects are constantly changing in subtle ways, Funes insisted that in order to refer to an object unambiguously one must specify a time. I design a system to recording specify time and thing.